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EduNoor has developed several training and educational solutions. Our solutions include peer-to-peer education solutions where users can meet tutors and can benefit from the dedicated solutions that EduNoor has been able to build. Our solutions can be easily installed by universities, schools or teaching centers. Our solutions offer several components such as online sessions, scheduling, social, search and discovery. All of these components integrate seamlessly to offer exciting service.
With the diversity of our products and the customization of our services we think that we can address all the issues facing online education and take it forward.


We have built several educational solutions that can enable users, institutions and universities to have better and easier online teaching experience. Our solutions use standard web components available in any browser to make it easier and faster for users to join into online sessions. Our online sessions offer audio/video conferencing, whiteboard sharing, file sharing, presentation, ability to raise hand or join discussion and online quizes.
EduNoor wants to make online education and learning available to everybody and everywhere. Our solutions work from any browser, thus allowing tutors and students to have a direct session without installing any extra software.
We aim to integrate social elements into the education teleconferencing experience to allow users to discover new classes and popular material and make the experience more rewarding. Our company focuses on all avenues of education: PRIVATE TUTORING, SCHOOL SOLUTION and VIRTUAL INSTITUTE. This enables us to reach out to a wide range of educational institutes and to solidify our position in the market of education teleconferencing.


EduNoor has developed several solutions to make the learning experience easier and available for everybody. Its first solution is called EduNoor Direct which is a platform allowing teachers and students to meet each other and schedule online meeting to hold virtual classes. This peer-to-peer solution allows tutors and students to have immediate online video/audio sessions with whiteboard sharing, file sharing, presentations and attendance recording. EduNoor Direct also uses graphs to discover courses/tutors and rate them to other friends. EduNoor Direct will make private tutoring easier, more convenient and available for both tutors and students regardless of their locations. EduNoor Direct can integrate with payment solution to allow payments between tutor and students. EduNoor has also developed EduNoor Virtual Center. It is a solution allowing any teaching center or university to extend its presence beyond its physical location. The solution will allow those institutions to offer online courses either to their current students or students in other locations. EduNoor Virtual Center will allow for students to attend real sessions online. Students can access the website with all of its materials available for download.
EduNoor University will extend over EduNoor Virtual Center and will allow for advanced course management, advanced quizes and more dynamic course materials. All of the solutions integrate seamlessly with facebook and twitter allowing users to share their teaching/learning experience on social networks.


This Project has been incubated in FasterCapital.

Jonas Latner

Founder at Edunoor, Stealth Mentor at FasterCapital. Holds MBA from New York University.
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Fadi Kallas

Internal Advisor at Edunoor, Executive Director at FasterCapital. Studied at Saint Joseph's University.
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Bashar Hamood

Investor at Edunoor, Senior Managing Partner at FasterCapital. Studied at Heriot-Watt University.
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Hernan Ranki

Mentor at Edunoor, Internal Mentor at FasterCapital. Studied at University of Kentucky.
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