What is educational teleconferencing?

Educational teleconferencing consists of online meeting with teachers, private tutors and public remote teachers. We offer the educational systems cutting edge products: private tutoring, school solution and virtual institutes.

What are the examples of education teleconferencing?

There are numerous examples of education teleconferencing. Remote acquisition of knowledge is one instance of education teleconferencing. For example, Stanford University has a branch called Coursera that is fully web-based and represents a first step towards education teleconferencing.

What are the benefits of using educational teleconferencing?

There are numerous benefits of educational teleconferencing. In here, we list a few of them: 1) Tutor will feel comfortable as if he is in a face-to-face teaching/learning experience with his students and his colleagues. This makes the teaching experience much easier to deliver and much richer with relevant information. 2) The system enables the tutor to track attendees and report that to the school in a format that is easy to review by the school and the parents of the students 3) Our product allows the attendees (tutor and his/her students) to discuss ideas or opinions. 4) Arrange for online polls and surveys. 5) Allows the creation of Quizzes. 6) Allows the tutor to assess the level of his/her students by selecting some questions from his pool in a centralized question repository. 7) Allows integration with social media. Students will know about the new lectures or past lectures through their social accounts (Facebook). Tutors will be able to post about any lecture on his/her Facebook page and students can be notified about new materials. Students can track other peers activity to find out what they have attended so far. 8) Extra-curricular activities like field trips and camps are recorded by our solution. We offer a multi-language and a portfolio of cross platform products and our service charges depends on the grade and the number of attendants. 9) Students and tutors save time and financial resources as there is no need for any physical classroom interaction.

what are the security features of education teleconferencing?

Education teleconferencing offered by our solutions is completely secure. The tutor has power to add/remove students in the middle of the sessions. Trespassing is not allowed. Students' material is maintained in a secure fashion such that nobody has access to this material other than the student and their tutor/teacher. The parents can access their children material in certain grades.

How do different students interact in education teleconferencing?

Education teleconferencing mimics real world classrooms fully. Students are seated by their teacher/tutor in the session by adding them to the attendees. There is possible sharing of desktops, and hand-raising to ask questions so that full competitive environment is supplied.

Do I get IT support?

Yes. We have technical support in case there's a problem in communication.

Does SCHOOL SOLUTION provide different teleconferencing solutions to different grades in the school?

Yes, our SCHOOL SOLUTION provides different teleconferencing solutions for students who are at school and studying at different grade levels. Our solutions are tailored and we target the full academic life cycle. For example, our first solution focuses on those students who are at school, our second solution focuses on college students and our third solutions focuses on lifelong learning acquired via distance learning/virtual learning. Our school solution focuses on those kids who are under 9th grade, it is very simple and pushes their imagination and game playing skills, Our college solution is for students between 9th and 12th grade and it focuses on gearing up students for college and helps accelerate their academic work at college. In addition, we also offer a distance learning/virtual learning for those who are at any stage of their lives, but still want to continue with their studies.