Private Tutoring

Edunoor Private tutoring is a website portal allowing for direct interaction between students/tutors. The system will allow tutors and students to discover each other and have online learning sessions.

The portal will allow students/tutors to register and create their own profiles. Students can indicate which grade they are in, what subjects are they interested in and import their facebook friends, allowing them to discover teachers. Teachers will also be able to create their own profiles highlighting what subjects they can teach, some teaching materials that they have or demos of previous lectures that they have given. They can also show some teaching material that they can share for free with students to attract them. The system will also allow students/tutors to schedule sessions together. These sessions can be one-to-one or one to many. The teacher can control who will be able to attend. The system has a calendar, so that users will be notified if a session could potentially overlap with another one for any of its attendees.

The system has a social component. Users can rate any session and they can share it on their facebook accounts. Students can discover new tutors from the profiles of their friends. The system will also rank the teachers according to the likes/rating they had from friends and show you which friend rated which teacher. The system will allow for multiparty video/audio conferencing, whiteboard sharing, sharing of files and presentations and text communication between all attendees. The tutor can also announce a quick quiz within the session to see the students' reaction. As a result, our users experience high-quality learning experiences through which they can share information with tutors or peers. Options such as raising hands, muting students, whiteboard sharing, file sharing and power point presentations viewing will all make the learning experience easier and more intuitive for both the tutor and student.

We also use social graph from Facebook and Twitter to allow users to share their experiences with Tutors and thus recommend tutors to each others. Adding this social dimension will make the experience more rewarding and it will allow tutors to be discovered based on their performance. It will also allow tutors to share experience about students, their progress and will offer feedback on the overall learning experience.

Benefits of Private Tutoring
  • Our product mimics real world teaching experience in its all dimensions thus it replaces face to face meeting completely.
  • Saves the student and the tutor money and time spent on transportation to attend a class that is far and away.
  • Our product offers the ability to address urgent info requests, such as the immediate request for teacher/tutor assistance using teleconferencing
  • Adds value to the student daily routines by relieving him or her from the tedious task of manually looking for a possible free time for an appointment with the tutor or the teacher.
  • Upon need, the teleconferencing solution allows the tutor to invite more students to form a group for a one to many private course.
  • Enables users to consult with their social contacts to get a recommendation for a tutor; saving them from the manual tedious way of using the phone to get a contact opinion.
  • Allows the student and the tutor to engage in very simple and trivial private lecture with minimal system requirement.
  • Allows for mini sessions where students can ask several quick questions (suitable for revision) and the cost will be smaller. The mini sessions (or Instant sessions) can have a duration in multiple of 5 minutes.
  • Social graph seamlessly syncs with personal electronic schedule to locate free slots for recurrent events of teleconferencing