Custom Solution

At EduNoor, we understand that the learning process is a continuously evolving and ongoing improvements are needed to make e-education intuitive and engaging. That is why we have built our solutions to address modern day e-educational challenges, so that they can be easily customized by the client. We allow our customers to change EduNoor to suit their specific educational needs or to improve it to follow the latest innovations in e-education. Below are some of the examples that we can work on to make Edunoor more customized to you:

  • We can add/remove modules from the session depending on the control/complexity level that you want with the system
  • We can preload the system with some materials related to your subjects.
  • We can add more tools to the session board to make suitable for certain subjects or allow students to do virtual experiments.
  • We can customize the scheduling mechanism and preload a time table for students either automatically or depending on materials chosen.

The ultimate goal is to provide a better experience for universities and institutes and make the system closer and easier to use by both students and tutors. We can also include new pedagogical teaching methods in the system and see the reaction of the students to them.