Virtual Institute

Teaching and learning now occurs on a multi-dimensional level that involves both personal instruction and cutting-edge online technologies. This paradigm shift has made advanced education considerably more accessible to current and potential students, driving increased demand for online learning opportunities. The increase demand is also fueled by the number of students who are working but still want to continue their training of academic learning.

With Edunoor Virtual Learning Center, we offer the ability for any institute to offer courses and teaching online. Students will be able to enroll, choose courses, pick tutors and get the learning materials online. Students will also attend lectures live on their computers or watch a recorded version anytime. Our courses are different from standard school courses. There are many more options and at the same time users have more options. The institute offers courses and in case there is enough people applying then the course will open.

Everything is web enabled. Ahead of time, students are able to explore key ideas about their courses. They can read about the course online and see samples of the lectures. They can even attend one session for free.

Our clients are institutes which want to extend their reach by opening an online center for themselves and serve either their current students (by offering them better service during their free time) or extend their reach to explore new markets or serve clients far located from their physical locations.

Benefits of Virtual Institute
  • Online courses are more convenient and offers greater flexibility for both students and tutors. Students and tutors can schedule their sessions anytime they like. You don't need to keep your center open for them, therefore it eliminates the necessity of having a physical educational center.
  • Simple and quick learning curve of annotated teleconference media
  • Huge database of stored lectures which with time will offer a great database of assets for new students.
  • Calender for each tutor to keep track of their lectures and avoid overlapping of lectures.
  • Fun user interface that is easily extensible and personalizable to match the requirements of different educational institutes consistently
  • Online courses brings education to the users at their doorstep and wherever they are, whether at home, on their lunch break or during their commute.
  • Virtual learning center will reduce your operational costs as there's no physical location costs are involved.
  • Online learning allows student to have more student-centered teaching approach since the student is at the heart of the learning process and each student has all the learning materials readily available to them. In addition, there is a greater flexibility with the instructor and students interaction. We call it '24/7 or interaction on the go or interaction at both instructors and students fingertips.'
  • Virtual Learning saves money for the student as well thus making the learning process more affordable. Students don't need to quit their daily job nor pay for transportation or accommodation.